Spring in the forests of Iran

Barajin Forest Park (Fadak Forest Park) is located in Qazvin. It is 1500 hectares and is considered as the biggest forest park in Iran. Mardomo Peak, Arnazak River, and a view over Qazvin are its outstanding characteristics.

We were like rock stars in Iran

Imagine you wake up in the morning, quit your job, have your backpack, and travel to the other side of the world without expecting to come back. That’s what the couple Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott did 7 years ago.
From that time on, they have visited more than 80 countries. This couple earns the money to travel by sharing their experiences on their weblog “Unconcerned Market” and other social networks.

Probing Iran in other countries

Iranian rich culture has been paid attention a lot lately in other countries and museums. Here are some examples :)

The hottest cities in the world - Shahdad

Shahdad Desert is the warmest place in the world, where survival is impossible for any livings and where you can fry an egg in the sun and boil water in less than half an hour without fire.